Booting linuxppc on 6400 from zip drive?

Booting linuxppc on 6400 from zip drive?

Post by Paul Wom » Sun, 01 Feb 1998 04:00:00

> I have successfully installed Red Hat using the installer.coff/floppy

> reports "CLAIM FAILED"        I have tried reinstalling the bootstrap with
> Quik-MacOS, still unsuccessful.  I am installing root onto a zip and /usr
> onto a 500MB IDE drive partition.  Swap space is a 4MB partition
> following the /usr partition.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

> Open Firmware 2.0, 2.4gig IDE, 32MB ram, CD at SCSI id 3, Zip at scsi id
> 5.

I have exactly the smae problem on my Umax machine, I don't think it's
Zip specific, it happens on my Fireball and Maverick HDs too, I mailed
Umax for help yesterday, I'll post here if I find anything useful out.

1. Boot problems with LinuxPPC and 6400/180


    I am trying to get the install of linuxPPC to work on my 6400/180.  Here
is the system config

Performa 6400/180

136 MB Real RAM
External Modem
CD Rom
Nothing on the external SCSI

I can only seem to get the machine to boot from floppy.  Anytime I have
tried to boot from the drive, it just will not work.  I've tried everything
from setting it to boot off the internal SCSI Which just gives me nothing at
all.  Just sits there.

Setting it to IDE is a little different.

At First, my IDE was set to a 1.6 GB HFS partition.  The SCSI drive was
partitioned to 8 partitions there was a: 1.6 GB HFS, 1 GB BFS (Be File
System), A/UX root (linuxPPC) sda5, A/UX root (mklinux)sda6, A/UX Usr sda7,
and A/UX swap sda8.  I placed the vmlinux onto my IDE HFS partition at hda5.
 Set boot variables to

boot-file /vmlinux root=/dev/sda5
load-base 100000 (even 10000 or 1000000)

upon rebooting, i get the first chime then a screen that says "Cannot Open:

I went back and changed my IDE so that it had a 250 MB root partition and
the rest was HFS.  (hda5 hda6) placed a vmlinux in the hda6 HFS partition,
and set my boot variables to:

boot-file /vmlinux root=/dev/hda5
load-base 100000 (even 10000 or 1000000)

I got this error "Cannot find a bootable HFS Partition."

Can someone give me some insight?  I've read ever FAQ out there and have
exhasted my resources and patience.  Can you tell me exactly what
boot-device does and what boot-file does?  Just so I am clear on it.

NOTE:  linuxppc only works from floppy.  However, I cannot seem to use my
Twin Turbo Card at all even if I update the vmlinux to the twin turbo
version.  It still send video to the onboard which uses 1 MB soldered VRAM
that makes it impossible to view anything on my 17" monitor. I am hoping
that by booting from the vmlinux on the drive it will go straight to the
card like i asked it to.  I've set OF so that output-device is:

vmlinux.coff thus why i am trying to get away from the floppy business.



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