installing old gcc under LinuxPPC?

installing old gcc under LinuxPPC?

Post by Sean Clea » Tue, 02 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I have a package that I would like to compile which
only compiles under the gcc versions 2.7.2 and earlier,
due to some changes to gcc which are not compatible
with their source yet.

I have downloaded sources for the older versions
(gcc but when I try to configure, I get the

"This appears to be a ppc-unknown-linux system
Configuration powerpc-unknown-linux not supported"

Is there some particular setting I need to make to get the older
version of gcc to make on my systems (either an 8500 or a G3 PB)
Is there some particular place I will need to go to find an
old source for gcc that will work for me?

Sean Cleary  Department of Mathematics  Peters Building 359 CSU Fresno CA 93740


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