Installing LinuxPPC on 7200

Installing LinuxPPC on 7200

Post by Karl Erisma » Mon, 19 Feb 2001 09:51:16

I'm having problems with installation of LinuxPPC 2000 on a PPC 7200.  When
I boot from the CD, the installer shows garbled text using any option other
than Install with "Ultra Safe Video."  When I use this setting, I get the
penguin in the upper left corner and text scrolls by saying that this or
that can't be done and symlinks can't be created (is it trying to write to
the read-only CD?).  Then it says it will start up the X installer.  When
this fails (which I don't care about; I should use the redhat installer
anyway, with only 24M RAM), it says "/etc/X11/X: permission denied" and I'm
left in the shell without a clue.  If I type "exit" it says that it is
exiting the graphical installer, and that the install files could not be
located.  It says that the files "must be placed on an HFS partition, HFS+
will not work."  Okay, fine -- but I thought all the files were on the CD!

Help, please!


1. LinuxPPC on a 7200/75 install problem

 Hey everyone

 I purchased, from Microcenter, a copy of LinuxPPC open box. Thought I'd
save a few bucks. I got home and my cute little 7200/75 couldn't read
the install CD. The thing was that it could read other CDs, the source
CD that came with the install CD, as a matter of fact. So I knew that it
wasn't my CD-ROM, it had to be the install CD. Bummer as it were, I opted
to return the thing and exchange it for a new copy, paying a few bucks more.
Got home, it worked a couple times but then, much to my chagrin, now the
install CD isn't working again! The source CD works, other CDs work, the
install CD from a brand new box doesn't!

 Is anyone else having this problem? Can it be fixed? Should I just mail
off and ask for a new CD? Thanks.

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