Loading YDL 2.3 root image

Loading YDL 2.3 root image

Post by Emeric Maschin » Sat, 12 Oct 2002 18:09:42


I'm trying to install YDL 2.3 on a IBM RS/6000 Notebook 860, a PowerPC
based laptop. Unfortunately, the kernel provided on the YDL 2.3 CD-ROM
isn't bootable. I have successfully built a bootable kernel for my
system on an other PowerPC system. Because I'm booting from a diskette
and not from the YDL CD, how can I tell, once the kernel is loaded, that
the VFS root image is on the CD and not on a diskette? I ever try to
slice the CD root image (because it's too big to fit on a diskette) on 3
disks (using dd with the skip and count params) but it doesn't work at
all (I'm never asked to insert the next VFS diskette).


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