Unorthodox approach to PPP...please help.

Unorthodox approach to PPP...please help.

Post by Trevor Zion Bauknigh » Fri, 30 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I recently did a fresh install of linux-pmac from the  The installer only balked at make, portmap and
texinfo (I think), and I haven't tried importing and trying to install those
independently.  I was certain that I had all the RPMs listed in comps.pmac
before I started, but it still balked.

Anyway, it boots fine and runs.  First thing I tried was startx, and AfterStep
came up looking beautiful as usual.  Since the control-panel was sitting in
front of me, I hit the networking cp and tried to add the ppp interface.

I added it, using PAP and set it to fire up at boot-time.  Now I'm not exactly
sure I set it up correctly, or that I need to set it up using PAP.  I think I
do, as setting up a MkLinux installation trying to use normal unix-script
interface didn't work, and when I use a terminal window to log into my ISPs
server, it isn't a unix server.  It asks for Username: and Password: and then
gives some sort of prompt, at which typing "ppp" returns some info containing
my IP address, etc.

I've set up pppd scripts before, and I don't think doing it the way I have
done before will work with my current ISP.  My question is what settings
should I check and what scripts do I need to have in place?  Is there any info
other than in the pppd manpages for setting up non-unix-server types of ppp
service?  I didn't see anything useful on the faq-o-matic, but I could have
missed it.

The thing is, I don't think that setting up the ppp0 interface the way I did,
using the netcfg control panel, finished the job.  pppd tries to fire up at
boot-time and returns a message to the effect that...well, I forget exactly
what it says.  I can try to get a transcript if you think it's important to
solving my problem, but if this is something you've dealt with before and the
problem sounds familiar, please give me some thoughts.  I'm looking forward to
getting Linux up and is a beautiful system with AfterStep...but
there isn't a whole lot of joy involved in doing so until I get ppp
working...I hate not being able to download and learn and make changes within
Linux...booting back and forth with MacOS is a real drag.  After that, I can
spend time in Linux tweaking things to my liking a heck of a lot more easily
than I can now, and I am currently compelled to do so.

Thanks in advance!



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