Loading MkLinux on Performa 6300CD

Loading MkLinux on Performa 6300CD

Post by Dario Alcoce » Fri, 15 Mar 2002 14:02:01

Does anyone know if MkLinux can be installed onto a Performa 6300CD?  From
what I've been able to get from the MkLinux web site, it appears that the
6300 is supported (although they refer to it as a PowerMac 6300.)

I've burned the ISO image that's available, and I started the install.
However, the machine just sits there at the MkLinux boot splash screen, and
it doesn't appear to be reading the CD (in fact, I can pop the CD tray out,
so the installer doesn't even appear to be locking the drive.)

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


1. LinuxPPC/MkLinux on Performa 6300CD?

I have a nice little Performa 6300 CD with plenty of spare drive space and
64 MB of RAM.  Last time I looked (a long time ago) MkLinux didn't support
this machine, but it was "planned".  LinuxPPC directed me at the MkLinux

I checked again recently and neither information had changed... at all.  I
know work has gone on with Mac Linux since I last checked, but it's not
reflected in either place.  So my question is:

1) Has this machine become officially supported by either distribution?

2) If not, what exactly do they mean by "unsupported"?  Won't boot?  Will
boot but won't recognize my PDS graphics card?  Will boot in theory but
won't recognize my (IDE) hard drive?  Will boot but only into text mode?
Just what are we talking here?

I'm half-tempted to download the base package and install it *anyway*, but
until I get my DSL in, it's a huge download over a 33.6 modem... -- Joe
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