2.4.7 Kernel killed beige G3

2.4.7 Kernel killed beige G3

Post by Stephan Marwede » Thu, 26 Jul 2001 17:11:44

After trying to boot the 2.4.7 kernel on a beige G3
with LinuxPPC 2000 installed, Linux will not boot
using whatever kernel. I even tried the original
LinuxPPC install CD (Kernel 2.2.15) with no success. MacOS X and
MacOS Classic, however, boot and run fine.

Every attempt to boot Linux on my machine results in the following
kernel panic:

Machine check in kernel mode (regs at c03399f0)
Caused by (from srr1): Unkown values in srr1
NIP:c0126238 XER:20000100 LR:c01a9000 REGS:c03399f0 TRAP:0200
TASK=0033800C19 'swapper' mm ->pgd c01a9000 Last syscall: 120

Some more hex code from the GPRs

Kernel panic: machine check

Did this malicious kernel change my hardware configuration in an
incompatible way? How can I reset my machine if this is the case?

I want my Linux back :-(

Any hints on how to accomplish this greatly appreciated.



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