Looking for input about 7200/75

Looking for input about 7200/75

Post by Clayton Friese » Sat, 04 Apr 1998 04:00:00


I have a PowerPC 7200/75, and no I no longer use MacOS.
I have always been meaning to install Linux and learn how to use it.

I am looking for advice on what my best options are before I begin
(including books).

Things I would like to know:
Best version of Linux to install
compatibility of Linux with my hardware
        PowerPC 7200/75
        48MB RAM
        500MB SCSI HDD
        4x SCSI CDROM
        Built in Ethernet Adapter
        Built in Sound Board
        Apple 15" Monitor
        Supra 28.8 data/fax external modem
        Apple Color Style Writer 2500

Things I would like to do:
Apache HTTP and FTP Server
Proxy server through a modem for my Windows95 clients
Administration skills for Linux on both x86 and PPC

I would appreciate any input.