Linux on MBX board?

Linux on MBX board?

Post by Jose Lopez Serran » Sat, 24 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone know if Linux has been ported to the new MBX board
from Motorola (the one with MPC860 or MPC821 processors)?

In any case, is there software (free, if possible) for X.25 protocols
for Linux?

Thank you very much for your help.

Jose Lopez Serrano.


1. RedHat edk 1.0 (linux) on MBX 860 board

    I am trying RedHat edk 1.0 on MBX 860 board. My host is redhat 6.2

   I was able to compile the kernel and get zImage and httpd demo
  program compiled using source navigator for the target.

  After that when i boot up the MBX to get the zImage , i am not able
  boot the kernel itself.. It shows the error message:

 EPPC-Bug>pl 20 0
 Network Booting from: MPC860, Controller 20, Device 0
 Loading: Operating System

 Client IP Address      =
 Server IP Address      =
 Gateway IP Address     =
 Subnet IP Address Mask =
 Boot File Name         = /tftpboot/
 Argument File Name     =

 Bytes Received =&471790, Bytes Loaded =&405938
 Bytes/Second   =&235895, Elapsed Time =2 Second(s)
 loaded at:     00210000 00204AA4
 relocated to:  00100000 000F4AA4
 board data at: 00FF4558 00FF4580
 relocated to:  00200100 00200128
 zimage at:     00216000 00271FD8
 avail ram:     00272000 01000000

 Linux/PPC load:
 Uncompressing Linux...done.
 Now booting the kernel

     And the target hangs..
     Anybody has any idea what's happening..

     thanx in advane.

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