X Behavior - non interrupt driven

X Behavior - non interrupt driven

Post by Kevin Bowma » Wed, 07 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hello, just a observation of curiosity regarding how the X works.

I've noticed that when using everything from 'twm' to 'enlightnment'
that the X-windows (all) updates cease
when one repositioning a window.  This is not the proper behavior for an
X-window environment (personal opinion).  However, I can make guesses as
to why this is.

No complaint, but I was curious if somebody knew why.  If you have
questions about this, basically this is the test...

   xterm.1%   find / -type d -print

at the same time ...

   xterm.2%   <click-on-window-bar> move window around (small circle)

Does the xterm.1's contents stop/pause while you have the mouse-button
is holding the xterm?  Now trot over to your intel box or HP or SUN and
repeat the procedure.  Do the test using 'twm' for consistency (failsafe
mode will further eliminate virtual-screens - heck do a console, then
start up X.)

Willing to entertain your guess as to why this is?  I've got one.  Does
it need to be fixed?  If I'm not willing to then I guess not.  I'm just
curious as to who knows what on this.

See ya,

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