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Hey, is it possible (with mklinux) to use the partitioner in the installer?
I was using pdisk, but now it says there was an unexpected error or
something.  In short, there is no way to get it working.  I booted off a
floppy disk and removed all the partitions(then recreated a 15mb one for
macos).  Then, I copied the contents of the floppy over to that partition.
Pdisk no longer operates.  Any ideas about pdisk?

ps, cc to my e-mail please.

Jacob Joseph


1. Will pdisk wipe my Apple_HFS partition?

I have a 1 gig unused partition on a 6gig IDE internal drive on my G3
desktop. I want to make use this partition to hold MkLinux.

I have 2 questions:

1) If I partition using pdisk and don't change anything relating to the
apple HFS partition, will pdisk wipe my Apple volume or will it just
create the new UNIX partitions?

2) Will I be able to boot from /dev/hda6. I had alot of trouble getting
my G3 to install MkLinux from the IDE CDROM. I have been able to boot
linux from my external SCSI drive but it just died.



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