KDE in LinuxPPC2000

KDE in LinuxPPC2000

Post by Guy Larocq » Fri, 13 Apr 2001 00:40:48

I use KDE 2.0 with LinuxPPC 2000. Some of the applications that
I installed under Linux 99 Q4 seems to run slower under
Linux 2000 when I use KDE. Is this normal? I have a G3 beige
(300 MGz)

Also, I made aliases (or links) of some essential directories
on the desktop. A funny thing happens when I move these folders
around: some of the pixels become red all accross the path
on which I moved the icones of the aliases. The only way to make
them disappear is to open a window and move it above these pixels.
Any suggestion or explanation?

Guy Larocque

Guy Larocque