pppd is driving me crazy, and sound too

pppd is driving me crazy, and sound too

Post by Roberto Maria Avanzi Mocenig » Mon, 13 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I have a Powerbook G3 Series (actually, my girlfriend has it)
with the internal cobalt modem, and we set ppp with the netcfg
tool as described in the docs that came with LinuxPPC R5.

Now, when the machine is turned on, and booted into linux
it usually connects with ppp but if for some reason the
connection is broken (any reason), it is impossible to set it
up.  I tried all the docs I could find, and also followed
W. Unruh's steps.  Then I call pppd directly and I am
waiting for 'OK' for a huge time, then it says "alarm, failed,
wrong ioctl for this terminal".  Whoa.  What does it mean ?

If I just reboot into MacOS it connects without a problem.
But if I return to LinuxPPC, no connection at all.  I have to
turn the machine off and then on, and cross my fingers.

Oh, yes, and one time out of five, I get sound working, so I
hear the dial-up sounds when it connects.  But 4 times out
of 5 i do not hear the sounds, yet it might connect (in this
case I do not get sound at all on the machine, and the gnome
sounds, when hearable, are either distorted or garbled).

We've got actually two problems here.
Anybody managed to solve them ?

Or at least one of them ?  :-)

Thanks in advance

/_/  Roberto Maria Avanzi
_/  Institut fr Experimentelle Mathematik / Universit?t Essen
/  Ellernstra?e 29 / 45326 Essen / Germany


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