Airport Card supported yet on iBook ?

Airport Card supported yet on iBook ?

Post by Michael O'Keef » Tue, 18 Jan 2000 04:00:00

This is the only thing that is stopping me from doing Linux on my iBook.
I could do it with the Ethernet built in, but the point is to be mobile.
I already have 2 Linux machines plugged into my hub, so there is not point tieing the iBook to the hub :)


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1. Linux with iBook and Apple Airport Card?

I would like to know if it is possible to install Linux on an
iBook, and be able to use the airport card?

I noticed on the Lucent Wavelan site there are drivers for Linux
on PC x86, but I'm still a newbie to Linux, and would have no
clue where to begin.

Also, is there an alternative to yaboot for iBook?  Would BootX
work?  I tried an install with Yaboot, and Yellow Dog Linux.
Being a newbie to linux and all, it was a scary installation. I
was in the open firmware changing all kinds of stuff. I finally
zapped it back to default, and deleted Yellow Dog.

Thanks in advance for the advice!



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