MkLinux DR3 install through a firewall

MkLinux DR3 install through a firewall

Post by Brian Campbel » Sun, 26 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I have a computer that is hooked up to the 'net through an Ethernet connection
which goes through a firewall. Because I don't have a separate (big enough)
hard drive on which to download all of the files, I tried to use the RedHat
installer using FTP, so that it only installs the files onto the MkLinux disk.
I entered all of my TCP/IP information exactly as it appeared in the
OpenTransport dialog, and entered the address of Apple's FTP site and the
proxy server when asked. However, this failed to work, saying that it couldn't
locate the server (it never specified what server it couldn't locate). I tried
all kinds of different configurations of nameservers, and using a SOCKS proxy
insted of the FTP proxy, but none of this worked. Has anyone had any success
installing MkLinux DR3 by FTP through a proxy?

-- Brian Campbell (AKA lambda, Anno Domini)


1. Problems installing MkLinux pre-DR3


I'm trying to install the current pre-DR3 version of MkLinux on a G3/DT/266
with 128 MB RAM. My disk setup is as follows:

Internal 4GB IDE disk with two partitions:
- 500 MB HFS with MacOS 8.1 system folder
- 3.5 GB HFS+ with MacOS apps

External 2GB SCSI disk with four partitions:
- 100 MB MKLinux root
- 700 MB Mklinux usr
- 128 MB MkLinux swap
- 1 GB MacOS HFS

I downloaded the appropriate files and put everything in
place (mach_servers folder on 500MB startup partition on IDE drive). After having
edited my lilo.conf file to tell the installer where the mach_servers folder
is (rootdev=/dev/hda5), I rebooted the machine and always get the following errors:

partition 4 is ZERO sized (20001)

ERROR: bootstrap task cannot find configuration file

configuration file: /dev/boot_device/mach_servers/bootstrap.conf
I checked the entry in lilo.conf many times, nothing seems to be wrong. The
booter at startup correctly identifies the root device as /dev/hda5. Can the
HFS+ partition on my IDE drive be the source of the problem even if the
mach_servers folder lives on the HFS partition on the same drive?

What else can be wrong?

Any hints appreciated!

Thanks in advance


Stephan Marwedel, Object Technology Group  
Partner Consult GmbH, Hamburg, Germany


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