Lucent wavelan linux "PC" driver source code!

Lucent wavelan linux "PC" driver source code!

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On Sun, 09 Apr 2000 05:00:26 -0400,

+ Sorry about the size, but people seem to want it.

Don't post binaries. Please. I don't care if people want it. There are
*plenty* of free webhosting sites. Make use of them. If necessary -
and if there is adequate interest - you might be able to get set up
on sourceforge.

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1. Lucent Technologies", "WaveLAN/IEEE" kernel 2.4.6 wvlan_cs, orinoco_cs ..

I am running two linux boxes with Lucent wavelan silver cards in both
of them. Everything works fine with kernel 2.2.16 and the wavelan2_cs
modules from Lucent. Because of traffic shaping, adv routing reasons I
wanted to switch one  of the boxes to kernel 2.4.6.. For my first
tests I used the wvlan_cs module from the pcmcia-cs package. I got a
connection and first I thought it would be allright but then I
discovered, that it took about 60% system cpu useage at full
throughput (650 kbyte/s with tcpspray in a PII/333):
wvlan_cs with:
Ad-hoc mode, 11MBit, no encrypt, channel 10

from time to time I got a:
wvlan_cs: eth1 Tx timed out! Resetting card

I tried the same with the orinoco_cs module from kernel sources with
the same result except for the Tx time out.

I would be glad, if anybody gave a hint how to reduce cpu useage.
(the 2.2.16 wavelan2_cs combination works at 98% idle cpu with full

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