Can't Startup YDL2.1 w/ Sonnett G3/L2 Upgrade

Can't Startup YDL2.1 w/ Sonnett G3/L2 Upgrade

Post by Seth » Fri, 03 May 2002 11:29:39

I'm having a huge problem getting YDL 2.1 to start up with this Sonnett
G3/L2 Upgrade processor card. Started fine without it. But I want to get the
speed increase to start running GUI.

Only get "Can't find interrupt" messages and blank screen.

Sometimes it gets all the way to the YDL license agreement on the

Using 400MHz Sonnett card w/ latest drivers, Powerlogix G3/G4 Profiler, and
BootX. Can anybody give some advice?


1. G3 Processor Upgrade Card Crescendo G3/L2 1M


does anybody have experience with the G3 Processor Upgrade Card Sonnet
G3/L2 1M/2:1 300 MHz BG3-300-1M for Performa 6400? Especially with
respect to LinuxPPC?



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