R5 (from R4) upgrade notes

R5 (from R4) upgrade notes

Post by Jose Nazari » Thu, 17 Jun 1999 04:00:00

hi guys

upgraded my R4 install last night to an R5 system via the CD
(thanks!!!). some caveats i encountered (i hope they help someone out

a) net-tools didn't upgrade for me, hence /bin/hostname, ifconfig, route
etc... all seg faulted quickly and cleanly. that foo barred my
networking, and considering that my PPC box is my main system (NFS
server, NIS server, graphics display, etc...) that sucked.

fix: boot single, mount the cdrom, install the new net-tools RPM
(version 1.52, i believe) and sync and reboot via /sbin/reboot. that
should work.

in. problem: init tried to start keytable.

fix: chmod 000 /etc/rc.c/init.d/keytable

some current problems include the Xconfigurator not finding my 4 MB of
onboard VRAM (8500 built in video), so i'm limited in color depth; and
grep doesn't work. luckily i did a full backup before the upgrade, i may
try and reinstall from scratch if i can't devise a workaround. grep wont
recompile at this time, either, but i need to just sit and whack it a
few times, i guess.

once R5 is stable for me i'll get new improved apps from the geek
archives up. suggestions welcome.

hope this info helps a few out there,


1. How do I upgrade from R4 to R5?


This is almost certainly a very dumb question.  I've looked in
the FAQ-O-MATIC, in the linux guide PDF (very nice BTW) and in
the docs on the new R5 CD I got in the mail today (ordered 7/27,
pretty nice response time I'd say!).

Anyway nowhere is there any mention of what to do with your
old R4 stuff.  I am very short on disk space so I have to
upgrade, not install R5 in its own new spot.  Is there any
way to do this? Or must I just blast R4 away and start clean?

I have a Zip so I can back stuff up, but I don't really know
hat all to back up, nor do I know what is still usable if
and when I get R5 running.  For example, does ezppp run under
R5?  I've seen no mention of it lately and I love it.

Help would be appreciated!  If it matters, my machine is
a lowly 6360.


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