Question about Xemacs and GNUscape Navigator

Question about Xemacs and GNUscape Navigator

Post by Trevor Zion Bauknigh » Wed, 04 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Got everything up and running beautifully.  Communicator is swell on here, as
is lynx, AfterStep etc.  Both of those browsers work properly and well.  The
whole thing is beautiful.

What I haven't been able to figure out is how to get GNUscape Navigator
working.  It is installed and running under Xemacs, but when I try to open a
URL, it just sits there trying and maybe reports back that it can't do so.  I
think this has something to do with the "gateway" options, but it's been
almost ten years since I got into Emacs-lisp very deeply and I haven't felt
compelled to dig there yet.  If this is an easy problem to fix, please let me
know.  Everything else seems fine, as I said...networking is working properly,
and other browsers as well.  GNUS under Xemacs, however, also seems unable to
find my nntp server.  Does it use some kind of separate DNS-lookup from the
system routing, or what?  This is under ppp, not ethernet.

Thanks in advance!  And thanks for the system!  I used the MkLinux DR3 alpha
installer in the devel/CD_Image on  Sweet install (went more
smoothly than the linux-pmac install after I got everything situated on an
EZ-drive cart and figured out how to refer to it at boot-time.  I put the RPMs
and base on there, as well as the mach_servers directory and hard-rebooted
after editing my lilo.conf file.  Worked as advertised and most of the
packages fit on the 125MB cart...

xdm is not included in the RPMS directory where I found everything
there some reason it has been taken out?  I never had any luck getting it to
work properly, but the DR3 installation is so clean that I think it might
actually work (or that I might be able to figure out how to make it work.)  Thanks!