HELP!!! No Applet Panel on G3 PowerBook running GNOME.

HELP!!! No Applet Panel on G3 PowerBook running GNOME.

Post by head » Mon, 14 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I've installed gnome on my desktop and all is well.  When I installed it on
my laptop I get everything except the Applet Panel at the bottom of the
screen.  I did the same install on both and can't figure out why it's not
showing on the PowerBook.

Is there a way to call it up or am I doing something wrong?


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Every now an then, my gnome panel will discard an applet, and from then
on it is nearly impossible to get it back.  I can add it for the sesion,
but no mater what it's gone next time I log on.

Any cluse?  I have RH6 and the gnome from there...



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