Boot to PCI Video Card for install on 7200?

Boot to PCI Video Card for install on 7200?

Post by Joel Wisn » Thu, 13 Jun 2002 21:02:15

I'm using YDL 2.2 CD with BootX installed to try to install linux on
my 7200.  It has an ATI video card (XClaim3DPro) and that's what my
display is plugged into.  I don't have an adapter to plug in my only
display into the Mac-style connector on the motherboard video.

When I run bootX, first I get some Linux text on the screen and it
immediately blanks the screen and there it sits.  Black display,
nothing going on.  I've tried both text-install kernel and the
supplied "X" kernel.

Anyone know of a way I can get this working or if it will ever work
installing with a PCI video card?  Maybe I can try another distro?  Or
do I have to get my hands on an adapter, even if it's just for the

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Trying to avoid buying a little crappy PC,


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Is there support for a PCI card modem in this system, or must I find a serial
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If so, how do I address the modem?


Barry F

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