Netscape 4.5 bus errors

Netscape 4.5 bus errors

Post by Sean Hardin » Tue, 20 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I installed Netscape 4.5 and it generally works, but it crashes like crazy
with bus errors. Some pages will do it repeatedly and sometimes it seems
random. I can't keep the stupid thing running for more than 10 pages or

Anyone else having this problem?


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1. Netscape 4.5 --bus error

I often recieve BusError when I browse through web pages using netscape
4.5. I have no problem when I use netscape 4.05 which comes with
linuxppc for the same web pages. Do anyone have the same experience? Is
it a problem/ a bug of netscape 4.5 or is the problem of installation?


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