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Does anyone know if ytalk comes with MkLinux, or is there an rpm (or
similar) that I can install for this functionality?


1. Problems with talk/ytalk

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem with talk/ytalk
or at least decipher the error messages to me.

Here's what happens when I invoke talk on the system:

   [Couldn't bind to control socket : Cannot assign requested address (99)]

When someone talks to me from another machine, I get this
logged into /var/adm/messages:

   Jul  6 23:48:54 woodstock in.ntalkd[10669]: connect from

which seems right. But this gets logged into /var/adm/syslog too:

   Jul  6 23:49:11 woodstock talkd[10670]: recv: Connection refused

This log entry is also suspect...

   Jul  7 01:09:13 woodstock talkd[11734]: recv: Socket operation on non-socket

I'm using the 2.0.27 kernel. The original installation is from Slackware
2.0, but I have upgraded many of the libraries since. I could have put in
some incompatible library packages, but I have no clue which is the culprit.

Any ideas or solutions is much appreciated. Thanks.


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