mk_modmap doesnt work

mk_modmap doesnt work

Post by Macatos » Sat, 13 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I want to have a different keytable for use with X11.
When starting mk_modmap it asks if I have the correct links to X11.

Whats the problem? I have MkLinux DR3 and X11 IS instlled.



1. sunos pragma pack() doesnt work

    I'm porting existing MS-Windows NT code to SunOS 5.4 using Sun's
workshop dev. package and Sun's cc.  My existing code uses "#pragma pack(n)"
all over the place and I want to maintain compatibility across both the Sun
and Microsoft platforms; eventually ending up with 1 set of files.  I'm very
close to the end of my port except that the Sun machine wants me to do a
"#pragma pack(4)" instead of a "#pragma pack" or a "#pragma pack ()" to set
byte alignment back to native.  To complete my task, I have to use #pragma
pack; the #pragma packs are all used after all includes and I'm not using
#pragma pack(1) anywhere.

    I get the following errors:

using:                                        I get::
    #pragma pack                            Missing '(' in pragma.

    #pragma pack()                        Syntax error in pragma.
                                                        Missing ')' in

    My netsearching has eluded to various patches but, frankly, I have no
idea what these patches are talking about.  Specifically, the information I
am finding does not specify my OS version.  (I'm still trying to figure out
what compiler version I have on my Ultra5 development box.
                                    Any help is appreciated in advance.

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