Linux 1999 "classic" -> Linux 1999 Q3

Linux 1999 "classic" -> Linux 1999 Q3

Post by Dan Saba » Sat, 18 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Is there a list anywhere of which RPMs one should download to bring Linux
1999 (June release) up to the Q3 release?



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Linux 1999 "classic" -> Linux 1999 Q3

Post by Derek Bosc » Sat, 18 Sep 1999 04:00:00

OK, I bought Linux1999 (and three versions before it)...  I'm
tired of shelling out the money when the data is out there...
So, is there an easy way to grab the files that make it onto
the Linux1999 Q3 CD?  I've got a mirror of all the linuxppc-1999
at work, but my Mac is far from there...  I'd love to burn my
own CD-R of Linux1999 Q3
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Linux 1999 "classic" -> Linux 1999 Q3

Post by Andrew B. Arthur aka AArth » Sun, 19 Sep 1999 04:00:00

> Is there a list anywhere of which RPMs one should download to bring Linux
> 1999 (June release) up to the Q3 release?

Q3 isn't that big of a release. New things it includes, that you may want
to get are:

- bochs: x86 emulator for LinuxPPC
- 2.6: Ship an X Installer that Might Actually Work.
- autostart virus free copy: Ship an version of LinuxPPC 1999 that lacks
the autostart virus (that doesn't work on the CD but sets off virus
- sane/xsane: Scanner Software for populuar scanners on Linux PowerPC.
- Updated GNOME RPMS: Ship GNOME packages that don't truely bite or crash
every five minutes.
- vger kernel 2.2.11: Supports some newer hardware better, especially USB.

There is nothing here that won't take more then an hour on an modem
connection -- so it's not worthwhile to buy the CD as an upgrade.

This CD was released mainly to fix small little bugs, so that new
customers would have a better install experience mainly, and a newer
version of GNOME. It's not meant for you and I to go buy it -- we already
have Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server 1.1 or LinuxPPC R5 installed.


Andrew B. Arthur aka AArthur



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I've had Linux 1999 Q3 running perfectly on my system for almost a year
now.  Is there any reason why I really should upgrade it?  

I'm generally of the opinion, "if it works, and you don't even know
what the upgrade does, don't fool with it."  But I was just wondering
if there is anything in 2000 that I really should upgrade for, and if
so, how much of a pain is it to do the upgrade?

FWIW, the target machine is a Performa 6360 with 80MB of RAM and 9GB of
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