Gnome version in YDL 2.1

Gnome version in YDL 2.1

Post by Matt » Fri, 25 Jan 2002 04:39:20

Hi all,

I'm wondering what is the Gnome version include into the YDL 2.1 ? No
version is specified onto the YDL's website.

Does Nautilus is include too ? If yes what version is there ?


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1. YDL 2.1- is that version D.O.A ?

 Reading previous posts and seeing  what has happened to  the G3(bronze)
when I tried to put YDL 2.1 on it,I am afraid that this version of YDL is
hopelessly buggy..

 I am NOT reocmmending it.. I think I will get GNU/Darwin and Mac OS x 10.1

 To update- I was able to re=put YDL 2.1 on the mac G3(bronze)-256 megs of
Ram. HD 10 gigs- on 1 parttion Mac OS 9.1 -4.8 gis and on the other YDL- the
Home/Office version of it (the worstation-develppment crashed towards end of

 This home/office put via  the GUI wiht little customizing..

Then last nite- the G3 was up about 1 hr then it simply crashed- the screen
went crazy,funny sounds etc and slence..I rebooted it but only been able to
get into Mac OS 9.1- the YDL partion had vanished ! And when I tried to
reput the partion  well I wiped out my Mac OS so had to re-install Mac OS
9.1 all over again..

 NOTEWORTHY-the G3 crashed because power on my battery was getting low-seems
that YDL DOES use the battery up  faster than mac OS but I never expected
that YDL would be wiped out as a result !


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