YDL 1.2: Enlightenment Problem

YDL 1.2: Enlightenment Problem

Post by Loui » Tue, 06 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hi.  I have Enlightenment as my default X.  When I startx, enlightenment kicks
off.  However, I do not get a KDE or GNOME session on top of X.  How can I fix
this problem?



1. YDL 1.2 (YellowDog Linux) and Install Problems...

Hi all, I have an install problem. Probably one that isn't uncommon, but
hard to research. I have tried here in Deja.com and on the YellowDog
listserver site. And I have had a few good leads, but none worked.

Here's what the store is:

Installing YDL 1.2 on a beige Mac G3. 256MB ram, 10GB HD (1GB Mac
Partition and 8.5 GB unallocated, ATTO ExpressPro PCI SCSI Controller
with Micronet Datadock 7K raid (not worried about this now, its HFS+). I
also have a 2GB external drive -- you will see later.

My distribution is YDL from an ISO image (tucows)

1. Prepared the Mac -- 1GB Mac 'HFS' Partition and 8.5 unallocated
partiton for Linux. installed BootX (running OS 8.5) and booted Linux as
per install guide. Came to the install method part and chose CD. It
initialized the CD, but complained that the cd didn't contain the
install tree. Rats. I ran again, but the same complaint.

2. I noticed the selection for 'Hard Drive', got back to the MacOS and
copied the cd to the 2GB external drive. Booted Linux and chose 'Hard
Drive' for the install method. It asked for the drive/partition and
directory to find the install tree -- /dev/sdb8 /YellowDog. No good.
Complained that didn't contain the install tree. I tried all sorts of
combinations. No good. I even tried the different drives - /dev/sda,
/dev/sdb5. no good (/dev/sda was tha MacOS partition, /dev/sdb5 was a
previous MacOS X Server partition, /dev/sdb8 was the 2GB partition where
the supposed install tree was.

3. Moved and removed files from the MacOS Partition (sda) and copied the
cd to that (I was sure that was HFS in case the external was HFS+). No
good. Still complained about not having the install tree.

4. Reburned the CD in case it wasn't bootable (is ISO9660 bootable?)
didn't help.

5. Researched the problem on Deja.com and the YDL listserve archives.
found a reference to making a symlink to the YellowDog directory. ln -s
/YellowDog /RedHat. This action satisfies 1.2's need to have a /RedHat
directory (obviously 1.1 referenced /RedHat). On the Mac, we use Aliased
and I didn't think that would work so I renamed /YellowDog to /Redhat on
the MacOS hard drive (sda). Chose 'Hard Drive' install method and no
good. No install tree. Double Rats!

6. Copied the CD to the computer with the CD burner and changed the
YellowDog dir to RedHat. Reburned a CD and tried the 'CD' install.
Complained that this 'wasn't a YellowDog CD". Retried the original CD
and got the same message.

7. Gave up.

OK, Any ideas? I gotta get this thing up and running sooooooon! I can
give more specific details if you need.

Thanks a bunch in advance

-Wes Yates

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