UMAX C500 and Ethernet

UMAX C500 and Ethernet

Post by Christopher B. Brow » Sun, 12 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I just picked up a 200MHz 603ev "SuperMac C500" for $450, and figure
it'll be rather more useful if I toss in an Ethernet card.  I'm new
at PPC stuff; is there anything I should watch for in selecting a
10BaseT (or perhaps 100BaseT) card?  Would a DEC/Tulip card be an OK

I'm thinking of dual booting, so it would be nice if it supports MacOS

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1. Umax C500 not installing R5, HELP

I have tried several time to install R5 on my Umax C500. I have DLed
2.2.7 to fix a SCSI timeout loop in the first bit of the install. There
also seems to be a problem when I check for bad blocks with R5. 4.1 does
fine. I am able to get the install almost to the end, but it choked last
time looking for a mouse. I selected the 1 button ADB button, and the
emulate 3 button box, and the install stopped.

I have a Umax C500, 96 megs RAM, 1.2 gig external SCSI, USB card with
USB mouse.

From looking at the packages during the install, R5 looks like its would
be great. Any and all help appreciated.

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