linux pmac and IDE cd audio probs

linux pmac and IDE cd audio probs

Post by Mark Guerti » Tue, 10 Feb 1998 04:00:00

can anyone help?  I can read iso9660 ad hfs cd's no problems, but cannot
play audio cd's on my Mactell clone (simialr to Starmax 4000), using the
2.1.24 december kernel, all other audio seems fine.

I have set sndmixvol -c, but still no go..incidently, I can't set my
volume with sndvolmix at all...whenever I try it mutes my sound..the
only thing that yeilds results is sndvolmix -c, then my audio is fine...

here is the error I get from any cd playing program:


any ideas??

Mark Guertin


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   I recently upgraded my linux 2.0.31 ( RedHat 5.0 ) to linux 2.1.123
and found that ide-cd driver does not initialize cdrom properly for playing
audio cd.  It works when I turned back to 2.0.31.  In addition, if I boot
windows98 and warm boot 2.1.123, then it works.  
The /usr/src/linux/Documentation/ide-cd.txt says something about this behavior.
There must be something missing since 2.0.31 works for my drive, an Atlas 24X
ATAPI drive.

Can someone give me clues how to solve this problem, or direct me where to
get the proper drivers?

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