Windows Media Player icons

Windows Media Player icons

Post by Al Marzia » Tue, 11 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I noted when I opened LinuxDiscs that all my documents are now Windows
Media Player icons. What gives?  I noted that my MacOS partition shows
too. I haven't mounted it.
Netscape has been weird lately, blanking out even though there is plenty
space in swap.

I rarely use LinuxDiscs.


I think my cat is conspiring against me. I can see it in her one good


1. Real Player vs Windows Media Player


I have Solaris 7 on SPARC (SS5) as my primary environment.
I have been using Real Player to play internet radio.

However, I have been experiencing occasional 'freeze' from time
to time. Unlike core-dumping, once it happens, nothing I
can do except cycling power-switch.

Of course, I have the latest version ( of Real Player.
I have installed the recommended patches for Solaris 7.
But nothing has solved the problem.

Now I have remembered that Microsoft Windows Media player is also
available for Solaris thanks to somebody's posting. Today I have
downloaded and installed it.

Although some of details are not my preference (i.e. Windows like
not Unix like), it turned out be a very nice and robust player.

I'm writing this hoping RealNetwork will make adequate efforts to catch
up Windows Media Player (particularly for Unix environments). I'm not
a fan of Micro$oft. But I can not use RealPlayer unless it becomes
more robust.

I don't mind to pay a reasonable price if they can provide a decent
product. From my view, they are just saying "Don't expect any quality
since it's free".
I think RealPlayer, Media Player are not a mere application.
It's a fundamental element of the computing environment.

Of course, all of these are my opinion, though.

Aki Niimura

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