Mach error message in MkLinux

Mach error message in MkLinux

Post by Ron Goodm » Sun, 27 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Whenever I access the device table through RPM's file manager, to mount or
dismount the CDROM for example, I keep getting messages from Mach(not the
Linux task) complaining the device "sd2a" is down, followed by a message
from Linux informing me that /dev/sdb6 (my paging partition) seems to have
been deleted, should it be removed from /etc/fstab.  I have no idea what
the Mach kernal is trying to accesss--any ideas as to what "sd2a" might
be?  This is a 6100/60 with MacOS(and thus the kernal) living on the HFS
internal drive and the 2 Linux partitions, along with a Mac HFS+ partition
on an external drive.  Thanks for your thoughts.

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I am developing an image processing program and
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Is there a way of writing this simply with gcc ?
Is there an API that provides functions for
handling plug-ins ?

Yves Usson

DyOGen (Dynamique de l'Organisation du Genome)
Institut Albert Bonniot, Faculte de Medecine
Universite Joseph Fourier, Domaine de la Merci,
38706 La Tronche Cedex, FRANCE
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