LinuxPPC on 7200 won't boot

LinuxPPC on 7200 won't boot

Post by Chris Houl » Sun, 11 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I just got the TurrboLinux for PPC CDs
Tried to install LinuxPPC on my Power Mac 7200/120/pc that has 64RAM
everything seemed fine... it prompted for a blank diskette... i put one
in, it said it would reboot and to insert the new boot disk... I did yet
the light on the monitor never came back on.....
I thought that was wierd... turned off the mac using the power button on
the mac itself.... rebooted using the keyboard, ok, so the keyboard
works therefore the monitor is not shorted...then the keybord stopped

Tried Zapping the PRAM... it didn't work... odd

I'm out of ideas at his point.