LinuxPPC Installation and /upgrades directory

LinuxPPC Installation and /upgrades directory

Post by Fred Hohle » Sat, 13 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I'm about to install Linux for the first time since I had MkLinux DR2
installed. I've FTPd the entire requried Redhat/base and RedHat/RPMs
directory, but now I have a simple (yet confusing) question.

In /RedHat there is a /upgrades directory, with newer versions of the
included programs. I'd like to have these installed, of course. In
order to have the installer use the newer RPMs, what do I do?

A. Download the /upgrades directory like it is, and keep it inside
/RedHat; the installer will automatically detect and install the newer

B. Download the /upgrades directory and edit some installer config file
so it recognizes the upgrades instead of the old files (in that case,
which file, and how?)

C. Download the files and install them manually with RPM post-install

Whatever assistance you guys could provide would be appreciated.

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