MS Fonts

MS Fonts

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In case you did not know or forgot about it (I did), I found this on


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Date: Monday 30 June 2003 20:42:55
Groups: alt.os.linux.redhat
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> Can some please help me find a collection of linux fonts of a program
> that can convert fonts.

Download both;
msfonts-1.2.1-2tex.noarch.rpm and msfonts-style-1.2.1-2tex.noarch.rpm

Then install them, as root from the console or xterm session;

rpm -ivh msfonts*rpm

Exit the GUI session, restart the X server, log back into the GUI session.


Works fine on YDL 3.0 (just installed it) and certainly on Mdk 9.1 and
probably on other recent distributions running on PowerPC.