Problem with MoL

Problem with MoL

Post by Marc Dejardi » Thu, 27 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I am trying to run MoL on my PM8500 with G3 upgrade card.
It seems to work correctly but at the boot time I have the following message on
the MacOS window, just before the BootX window opens :

G3CacheProfiler Init had an error at boot
Assertion failed : processorPVRHigh == 0x00080000 ||
                   processorPVRHigh == 0x000C0000
File: AutoCache.cp(G4).cp
Line: 168

If I use the processor type 4 in molrc I get this message, but if I use the
processor type 8 (G3) in molrc I get an infinite number of error message in the
linux side before starting anything.
Does anyone has a solution to this problem ? or do I have to remove the G3 cache
profiler init in order to run Mol ?

Thanks in advance,
                                 Marc Djardin


1. Problem with MOL on Suse 7.0

I am encountering a problem getting MOL to work.

I have the following setup:

7500/100 with XLR8 G3/350 upgrade card
XLR8 PCI USB (Working)
88 MB Ram
2 4.5 Gb HD's, one Linux one Mac HFS+.
Linux Kernel 2.2.18.
Mac OS 9.1 on above listed HD.

I have had to abandon the use of the new world ROM image. I always get a
system error when trying to use on. The MOL environment starts to boot,
but then the Mac OS side says that I need to update my system. I believe
this has to do with the fact that I have 9.1 on the HD and I got a 9.0
or 9.04  New world ROM. I got the ROM's off of the CD that game with

When I go to the non new world image using the 8500, the system starts
to boot, I get the Mac Happy Face with 9.1, then the first extension
(XLR8 G3 Card Driver) and then blamo it stops loading. The next item to
load after the XLR8 driver is the BootXApp.

I am going to boot into Mac OS and disable the XLR8 Extension, but after
that I wouldn't know what to do. It sounds as if there would be nothing
else left to do, due to the fact that I need bootX to boot into Linux.

Anyone have any suggestions?



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