MkLinux: Net? No net?

MkLinux: Net? No net?

Post by Joseph Francis Neb » Fri, 23 Oct 1998 04:00:00

        I've been having considerable difficulty working with my
DR3 installation of MkLinux; while for the most part it's a nice
toy ... it seems to have no concept whatsoever of the Internet.

        When I installed it -- and I've gone back and reinstalled
from scratch a few times now -- everything proceeds normally up
until the configuration of the LAN; and then it skips setting up
the network. Everything else proceeds as normal.

        It's definitely missing something; when I try to run
netcfg, for instance, it reports that Python is not configured for
tk. It doesn't seem to accept any nameserver when I do force a
PPP connection out of it (IP addresses work fine, no host names

        And there doesn't seem to be anything more to install:
Going at it from scratch does not produce the missing files; nor
does trying to just add packages to the existing installation.

        The only way I can get a net connection out of it is through
the KDE PPP control panel, in which case I am able to get the
connection and the DNS working all right, although telnetting to
another server appears to work only for a short while -- a screenful,
roughly, before it freezes out and (eventually) disconnects.

        So what the devil am I doing wrong? Why can't I get to
network configurations (whether I try to set up a LAN or not, it
skips what *should be* the next step)? KDE is okay for making a
connection, but I've really found I dislike prolonged exposure to
it, and I'd be much happier moving over to fvwm, if I could get
ppp-go or ppp-on (I forget the name now) to work.

                                                                Joseph Nebus
        Though that SameGame is amazingly *ive.


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