MkLinux DR3 - got the partitions, can't boot off CD-ROM

MkLinux DR3 - got the partitions, can't boot off CD-ROM

Post by David Meyer » Wed, 04 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Couldn't find mention of this problem on the faq-o-matic,
or on dejanews.  If there are other places to look, please
let me know...

Running on a PowerBook 5300, external SCSI CDROM
and external SCSI drive.  I've partitioned the
drive just fine.

The problem seems to be that the CD Rom drive is
not recognized by the installer when it looks for
rootdev.  (default setting of /dev/scd0 gets me
a message along the lines of "boot_partition --
cannot find cdrom0).  

Thanks for the help.



1. Problem getting Mklinux DR3 CD

I have been waiting patiently for almost two months now for my Mklinux DR3
CD to arrive from PTF. I mailed the upgrade card from the Mklinux book the
day after the announcement and have heard nothing since. Several emails
have gotten only one (canned) response from Rich Morin the inquiry was
forwarded to the staff.

Has anyone else sent in the card and not gotten the CD? I'm very
frustrated and only want what I was promised when I bought the book.


Andy Sparks

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