NEW - the KDE on PPC page

NEW - the KDE on PPC page

Post by Jonathan Sing » Mon, 08 Feb 1999 04:00:00

After a few months of trying to recompile software for my MkLinux system,
sometimes successfully, sometimes not, I thought it would be helpful to
make my binary packages publically available. (Especially since the stuff I
contribute to never seems to make into the contrib
directory.) My longer-term plan is to monitor the KDE - Applications page
and compile and package as much new stuff as I can.

I hope this will be useful to people who don't have development tools
installed, users of the mini-LinuxPPC's, those, like me, who prefer RPMS
and those who didn't have the right voodoo in place to get a particular app
to compile.

Check out <> These
packages have only been tested on my system (MkLinux DR3) and I'd be very
interested to get feedback on whether they work for you, as well as ideas
on how I could improve the page. Available packages now are:

kfourier 1.1  - Image processing application with lots of filters

kdiff-0.8.2 - KDE front-end for diff

kcpumon-0.2 - Percent CPU indicator for kpanel

kmemmon-0.2 - Memory monitor for kpanel

knewmail-2.4 - New mail notifier which displays headers

ktelnet-0.61  - KDE front-end for telnet, rlogin, ssh

kdf-0.3.13 - Gives you a graphical overview of your system's disks

ksendfax-0.3.1 -  Front-end for fax software

qps-1.6 - My favorite process monitor (ktop completely does not work for

fltk-199990113 - C++ user interface toolkit for X and OpenGL


NEW - the KDE on PPC page

Post by Jonathan Sing » Tue, 09 Feb 1999 04:00:00

OK, this should be working again. My apologies to anyone who tried the page
and wasn't able to download. Sorry about that...
Quote:> Check out <> These


1. NEW LINUX PAGE -- install notes for RH5.2/KDE

The site is:

 -- dual-booting with Win95
 -- fixing video problems
 -- installing KDE
 -- configuring Internet dial-up

These are hints to fix problems, not a replacement
for the proper documentation!

Barry Kauler

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