Virtual console in SUSE 7.3

Virtual console in SUSE 7.3

Post by Ken Simpso » Mon, 21 Jan 2002 12:33:49

Hi - trying to install SUSE 7.3 PPC, but the installer won't do it
because once upon a time pdisk was in the same room.

It tells me to switch to a virtual console and partition manually, but
how do I open a virtual console?

Thanks for the help



1. Why is SuSE updates for 7.3 older than 7.3?

Can someone please explain this property of SuSE for me?  They
have the 7.3 directory of rpms, and also the updates for 7.3
directory.  The 7.3 (nonupdates) rpms are newer than the updates.

I discovered this after spending a few hours trying to determine
how to enable ext3 after I'd applied all the updates, but tune2fs
didn't have the -j option.

Also, in yast, is there an easy way to see the version of an rpm
before deciding to install it?



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