Mandrake 8.0 Beta

Mandrake 8.0 Beta

Post by Big Dadd » Sat, 14 Jul 2001 01:05:42

I just saw this on Mandrake's Download site.


Mandrake 8.0 Beta

Post by Roberto Wa » Sat, 14 Jul 2001 02:02:43

> I just saw this on Mandrake's Download site.

I downloaded the two ISOs and tried this brand new distro.

The kernel (2.2.19) crashes at boot on my Yosemite.
So I tried to change the kernel with the 2.2.14 that was on my SuSE
after three days of hard work. Everything works fine, but the USB mouse
(since my Yosemite has an ADB bus I used an ADB mouse and everything
works fine) and the libmpg (I haven't found a solution yet: all MP3s are
played at twice the speed, but if anyone has an idea...)


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1. Mandrake 8.0 Beta 1 won't boot


I realize it's just a beta, but after installing the Mandrake 8.0 beta
1 I am unable to boot it.  Actually I am certain the boot loader is
set up correctly, but when booting, I see about a screenful of
hardware messages, the last of which give information about the 2
physical drives:

hda: <etc.>
hdb: <etc.>

Following this there are no further messages and no audible disk I/O.

The only clue is an error message (which by its wording would seem
non-fatal, but it's all I have to go on):

"Drive 1 didn't accept speed setting.  Oh, well"

Drive 1 is I guess the 2nd drive which is where Mandrake is installed
(but I'm not certain of this).  It is actually on an extended
partition.  I had previously installed Red Hat 5.1 to the same
partition with no problems.  I did however wipe this partition before
installing Mandrake 8.0 beta.

As I have convinced myself that nothing is wrong with the boot setup,
I would like to know if there is anything else I should try (I am
thinking in terms of a BIOS tweak).  Am I likely to have the same
problem with Beta 2?  The (forthcoming) production release?

Thanks in advance!

--John Emmerling

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