BootX problems

BootX problems

Post by Josh Daviso » Sun, 22 Nov 1998 04:00:00


I'm having some problems getting the LinuxPPC installer to boot properly on
my PowerCenter Pro.

As far as I can tell everything is right in the file system-- when I tell
BootX to boot Linux, I get the penguin screen and a few kernel messages, but
then it gives me a mess of error messages saying it's detecting
auto-termination on SCSI bus 0 and then it freezes with this message:
"Sequencer RAM Parity Error".  I have no idea what that means.  It also
tells me there's a "BRKADRINT error (0x8)."

I have 3 devices on bus 0 -- my CD ROM (ID3), the target HD (ID5) and a ZIP
drive (ID6).  The "termination" switch on the back of the ZIP drive is set
to "on," so I would think that would account for termination.  Is there
something I need to set to shut off auto-termination?  

Josh Davison


1. 7200/90 bootx problems

Hi, I have had a boot problem with bootx and linuxppc2000 on my powerMac
7200/90 ever since I first installed it. When I am in the MacOS, and open
the bootX control panel, and click the "Linux" button, it boots to linux
just fine, but when I reboot out of Linux, and either wait the 8 seconds
or click Linux again in the BootX startup screen, the machine instantly
goes into what would appear to be a sleep state. The machine is on, but
responds to no commands, the monitor goes into a no power mode, and linux
is never given the chance to boot.

If I click MacOS, it will boot into the MacOS successfully, and I can
then, from there, open the BootX control panel, and boot to linux fine, it
just never works on a reboot.

When I first posted this problem on here I was told to try a different
version of BootX, I have now tried all version I coould find, and the
problem exists on all of them. It's a good thing the linux box is so
stable that I never have to reboot, and only do so if I am at the box,
but I would like to be able to reboot it remotely, and know that it will
be fine starting up on it's own.

Any ideas on what I can do to rememdy this would be greatly appreciated.
Is yaboot the answer?



01100111 01101100 01100101
01101110 01100010 01101111

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