The ultimate Linux PowerPC advocacy

The ultimate Linux PowerPC advocacy

Post by Thomas Armago » Tue, 01 Jul 2003 15:49:31


Quote:> As an Apple Authorized Reseller, Terra Soft is now receiving
> pre-orders for Apple G5s. When the units are made available, Terra
> Soft will prepare the drive with a partition for Yellow Dog Linux
> and install Mac OS X. With the G5, Terra Soft's customer will
> receive the current Yellow Dog Linux CDs, 280-page "Getting
> Started" book, sticker, and T-shirt. The updated Install CDs will
> be shipped at no additional charge when the G5s are supported. In
> addition, those who pre-order now will receive free installation
> support.

YDL G5s cost the same as those sold by the online Apple Store.
So you'll get the goodies for no extra charge.  Hard disks are vast
these days, there's plenty of room for Linux and OS X.  Terra
Soft will install both.

Quote:> To pre-order an Apple G5, visit Terra Soft's on-line Store.


Quote:> Terra Soft anticipates Yellow Dog Linux support for G5 by the
> close of August.

YDL deserves applause.  But it's important to remember that Linux
also gives older machines new life.  So projects like Debian
GNU/Linux PPC are worthy of support.




The ultimate Linux PowerPC advocacy

Post by Thomas Armagos » Tue, 01 Jul 2003 16:29:13

Quote:> Hard disks are vast these days, there's plenty of room for Linux
> and OS X.  Terra Soft will install both.

No, I got that wrong, sort of.  They do the partitioning and you do
the installing of YDL.  Which is the way to go if you want to custom
install YDL.  Especially since they'll provide free installation
support to anyone who pre-orders a G5, due to ship in August.



1. Ultimate PowerPC Linux solution

THe PowerPC system is the ultimate solution for high powered applications
of this and the next decade.  This Multi-Processor (MP) system can mount
up to eight PowerPC (PPC) chips with speeds up to 533 MHz.  There is no
machine on the market today for Servers or Workstations.

Standard features such as embedded support for MIDI, 3D graphics, Video
editing and sampling give home based and corporate users the power they
need in one system.  In addition, the Cheetah supports the industry
accepted PCI standard for maximum compatibility with existing PC

As a server for ISP markets, none surpass the Power PC.  imbedded as part
the OS comes TCP/IP Internet Support and Networking Suite which includes
PPP, FTP Server, Basic Web Server and Telnet Services.  Currently there are
also plans by Netscape to port their popular line of Internet software and
web server packages.


CPU            :        1 to 8 PPC 604(e) or 704 CPU's, 100 to 533 MHz
OS             :        BE OS or LINUX
Memory         :        16 x DIMMS slots, up to 2 GB RAM *128 MD DIMMS)
Graphics       :        Cirrus 64bit 3D accelerated, 4MB of RDRAM
                        Video (S-VHS) PAL/NTSC output
Bus Slots      :        4 x PCI (v2.1), 2 x CPU slot, 1 x Expansion
Drive Bays     :        3 x 5.25 and 4 x 3.5 bays, Detachable 3.5" cage
I/O            :        EIDE/SCSI-II Interface, PS/2 Keyboard and mouse,
                        2 x 460k8 Serial ports, EPP/ECP Parallel port,
                        Floppy port (Support for 2 x 2.88MB Drives)
                        2 x Digital Joystick, 2 x Analog Joystick
                        18/16bit, 32chn, 48kHz, CD-quality input/output,
                        AUX Stereo input, MIC input, MIDI I/O
Power          :        230 Watt PS, 110/220V, 50/60 Hz (2 Fans)
Dimensions     :        398 mm x 220 mm x 425 mm
                        15 11/16" x 8 11/16" x 6 3/4"
Weight         :        8.0kg (17.7lb)
Certificatiion :        CISPIR-B, CE, FCC Class B

Above Specifications with 32 megs of ram, 2 gig SCSI : $3500

This product will be shipping 3rd quarter 1997.

Place your order now.

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