Step up to the plate for SETI & PPC Linux

Step up to the plate for SETI & PPC Linux

Post by Richard Pet » Mon, 05 Jul 1999 04:00:00

mail us."


The URL for that page is:



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Step up to the plate for SETI & PPC Linux

Post by David R » Tue, 06 Jul 1999 04:00:00

>mail us."


That message has been there for a long time.

The LinuxPPC port is already compiled and being tested now. All Unix ports
are experiencing some glitches and porters are working together to fix
them. Hopefully in a few days time.


David Ray


1. This is where Old Friends need to step up to the plate.

OK, folks.

About a year ago I expressed my concenrs about mail worms... and lo'
an' behold worms proliferate...

Now (mind you I AM in the US) we have terrorist *worms* to go along
with Nimda et. all...  (SirCam).  Personally (while microsux IS
responsible) I grow weary of literally dozens of scans PER DAY, mostly
from *clueless* sysops who operate with default installs of RH 6.2/7.0
and *lesser* systems.

Now here is where "Yoda" evaluates the "dark" side. Do we continue,
forever, to turn the other cheek, or do we finally give in and start
reformatting some hard drives?  That really is the question, isn't it?
 I mean honestly, your next door neighbor is incapable of installing a
system that is not going to EAT a few percent of your bandwidth
because it got compromised.  He doesn't respond to your email
*because* he HAS NO SOCIAL CONCERNS, and he doesn't *really* have a
telephone number... so FORMAT HIS FREAKIN' DRIVE FOR HIM...

Worse... your neighbor is just a Winderz '98 piece of crap that is NOW
being USED by a cracker to "back door" into your network.  Do you let
that person continue, after all you told the owner, right? or do you
just format the poor luser's drive?  After all the dumb ass didn't
respond to the message warning them they had a worm?

What do you do?

I am at the, "Well, I'll just write a worm to take out Syria and the
others." stage.  Someone convince me I am wrong.

Tnx in advance;

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