LinuxPPC on IBM 7248 100 : 43P - HELP !

LinuxPPC on IBM 7248 100 : 43P - HELP !

Post by Alberto Varesi » Fri, 11 Jun 1999 04:00:00


1. LinuxPPC on RS/6000 43P-100 (7248) Another one Working !!

I know it's not a new thing, but
I'm pleased to add my WS to the list of
IBM RS/6000 43P running LinuxPPC-1999 !

My 43P :
   Integrated PCI Ethernet - PCnet/PCI
   Integrated VGA
   Integrated SCSI controller - NCR 53c810 rev 1
   Integrated Sound
 64Mb Ram
 2 x 2.0Gb SCSI disks
 4.0 Gb External SCSI disk
 PS/2 3 button Mouse

I digged and asked around for floppy boot images, but I had to wait for a
working set, which appeared on the LinuxPPC site just a few weeks ago.

Then following some install instructions I managed to have it running.

Sound and X11 still don't work, but I hope someone is working on them.

I will publish the full story later on my site ...

Thanks to anyone who helped me during these months !!

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