Pre R5 files from with final R5 and CD-format

Pre R5 files from with final R5 and CD-format

Post by Anders Baden Niels » Fri, 25 Jun 1999 04:00:00


I'm a linux newbie, doesn't know a bit about LinuxPPC and will not get
to know anything about it before someone answers the following questions
I have recently visited and downloaded all the files
within the directories as mentioned in the userguide for R5 allmost all
RPMSs except the ones with "dev" in their name and the files from the
other directories (maps, cksums etc.). On I found the
files in the linuxpcc-R5-final folder within the pub/linux/linuxppc
folders. Unfortunately this folder is some sort of an alias wich leads
to a folder called linuxppc-pre-R5 and this is where I downloaded
contents of the RPMS, cksums, etc. folders.

My question is: Have I wasted my time downloading all the files for the
prerelease version of R5  or can the files be used with the final
version of R5 ???  :-/

Another question: If I wan't to burn a CD for much easier installation
which format should I use?? ISO 9660?
Yours sincerely

Anders Baden Nielsen

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