power management on UMAX C500 Linux gateway?

power management on UMAX C500 Linux gateway?

Post by Dave Abraham » Wed, 10 May 2000 04:00:00

Hi, all:

I've been using an old UMAX C500 as a network gateway, running MacOS 8.6 and
IPNetRouter (www.sustworks.com). I took the fan out of it because the noise
was annoying, and left the case open. The hard disk spins down after about
15 minutes and it just hums away forwarding network packets... until it
crashes, which happens every few days.

I've been thinking of installing LPPC2000 or (more likely) the latest
YellowDog, both of which I have, in hopes it will be more stable. But I
don't really want to do this unless the power management parts of the OS
will work. It's not just the disk noise; I don't want to waste that much
power running the machine when nobody is really using it. So, does anyone
know whether there's support for this sort of thing in either distribution?
Also, do you happen to know whether network masquerading is enabled by
default in any of the stock kernel distributions, or would I need to rebuild
one for my purposes?

Many thanks in advance,


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