CU-SeeMe Reflector on LinuxPPC

CU-SeeMe Reflector on LinuxPPC

Post by Peb » Wed, 26 Jan 2000 04:00:00

  Having my LinuxPPC box attached to a cable modem, I thought I'd finally get
  to try running a CU-SeeMe reflector for friends and family. Not so quick, it
  seems -- I could not find the source (the whole subdomain that hosted it
  seems gone), nor a commercial binary from wpine nor a publicly available

  Is this just something LinuxPPC cannot do?



1. URGENT -- Problems running White Pine CU-SeeMe Reflector 2.0.1 and Linux 1.3.59


Sorry for the URGENT tag, but we need to get the video conference app
back on line between 4 local hospitals.  We're trying to run the White
Pine enhanced Cu-SeeMe reflector (costs $895 for 50 users) under linux
1.3.59 and are getting the following problems:

When it loads we get the output:

eagle:/usr/local/etc/wpine# more reflect.log.eagle
open_log file: reflect.log.eagle
INFO: Socket bound to interface
bind error port 7648, addr
init_socket: cusm sock open failed
 : Address already in use: FATAL ERROR: EXITING      

We are running multiple virtual interfaces at the following addresses: (the REAL card and IP)

The "old" Cornell reflector worked just fine. (.40B3)

This version was built and tested in linux 1.3.55 and the white pine
programmer says its a linux bug since that version. His name is Biran

this topic if needed.

Thanks in advance,

===[George R. Kasica]===        +1 414 290 6745
Network Manager                 +1 414 290 6753 FAX
Preferred Emergency Physicians  Mequon, WI USA

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