YDL 2.1 and Bootloader problems

YDL 2.1 and Bootloader problems

Post by Ben Na » Thu, 08 Nov 2001 10:34:39

So I finally got the YDL 2.1 ISO that I've been waiting for weeks for.
 And I must say, I'm glad I didn't pay for it.  I would have been
happy to pay for it if it had installed correctly the first time.  But
I don't think I'm making a mistake here, so I think it should have
installed correctly.  Anyway, here's my problem. I have a B&W G3.  I
have a radeon vid card, which this release is supposed to work with.
I have 2 hds, one with my OS X and OS 9 partitions. and another 4 gig
hd that I want to put linux on. The install seems to go fine.  I say
that I don't think I'm messing up because it doesn't give you too many
options on installing the bootloader so I dont' know how I could be
screwing it up.  When I get to the bootloader menu and press l for
Linux, I get:

Read error on block 1 Can't open config file '\\yaboot.conf',err:-12

So I don't know what to do now because one of the reasons I was
looking forward to this distro is because I don't want to manually
install the bootloader.  Also, if i hit x to boot to OS X, it doesn't
do anything but go to another prompt.  Luckily, the m for boot to OS 9
works and again, luckily the Start up disk control panel over writes
whatever the bootloader does so I was able to get back to os X.
Anyone have any ideas for me!?!?  Thanks!



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