ATI mach 64? ATI rage 128?

ATI mach 64? ATI rage 128?

Post by Michael H. Colli » Thu, 26 Aug 1999 04:00:00

i have a line on a 9500-class machine, decent price. i thought i could
pick it up and run LinuxPPC in it. however, i am in the dark on a few
things, and have a lot of questions.

this system is described as having an ATI "mach 64 GX" video card in
it, and i see that the "mach 64" is "supported", but the card in this
machine is described as an 8Mb card, and everything i can find on the
mach 64 indicates it was a 2Mb or 4Mb card, and most people seem to
have had problems with them. can anyone tell me what i am actually
dealing with, and what i am likely in for?

alternatively, i could try to run a rage128, but would there be enough
OF compatability in a "legacy mac" like this to uncheck "no video
driver" in BootX and get a live boot display? i haven't had much luck
with this even on "old" hardware (power tower pro running a 128 twin
turbo); at the very least i have to poke the right value into the OF
output-device variable to get a live boot display (and there won't be
any way to do that with the rage128, will there?). as well, will the
new rage128 drivers for LinuxPPC work with retail rage128 hardware, or
just the OEM card that comes in yosemite? finally, i would guess a
nexus sould be overkill for the sorts of maximum resolutions LinuxPPC

a smarter choice?

can anyone help? thanks.

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