can't send mail (receive works fine)

can't send mail (receive works fine)

Post by Jason Per » Sat, 03 Jul 1999 04:00:00

  Ok, what am i missing??

  I can receive mail and browse the net just fine.  I use the KDE ppp
tool and mail client.  However I can't send mail.  Iin the mail client
settings I put use SMTP and gave the host of my ISP and port (110 or 25,
tried both).  But it won't work, goes through the motions though, but nothing
ever shows up on my account.  Set it to use sendmail instead but that
also didn't work.  Any clues?

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Austin, TX


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I don't understand this.  I don't have the 'ifconfig -a'
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When I switch pcmcia cards (for grins) it does the
same thing - therefore independent of the card(s).

[tcpdump is running , one for each interface]

Any suggestions on what I can do?


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